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Angelika and Alana Wynes are artists and educators based in Mount Clemens, Michigan. Originally from Berlin, Germany Angelika and Alana combine over 45 years of experience in the arts. Their work has been featured in numerous exhibits, earning notable awards and distinctions. Both artists work with a variety of media, specializing in painting and sculpture. Angelika and Alana mentor and teach students of all ages while being actively engaged in their community. Angelika is also also founder of the after-school program “Art Explorers”, which nurtures the talents and minds of young artists. 

Creating as a mother/daughter team, Angelika and Alana personally embody their work by illustrating their passion for community as an expression of family, and growth as a product of teaching, learning and collaborative creativity. Their projects include murals, 3-D pavement illusions,  paintings, illustrations, photography, and a variety of sculptures. 
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“Street art is nothing else but urban poetry that catches someone’s eye. Being a street artist is impossible because the city itself is the artist."
Christian Guémy
1973 - Present